We are Rui & Zach, the creators and founders behind this glorious idea. With Zach as our talented designer, and Rui our exceptional artist, the two of us found a lot of manufacturing to not be done locally and wanted to change that. We are passionate about the creators we work with, aiming to work with local artists to produce a number of different products. We don't just aim to produce merchandise, we also aim to give you back precious time by taking on board the merchandising production for you!

Ultimately, we want to be able to provide artists with a space to explore creative fields, and work with a variety of people.


  • Passion
    We are here to support artists and creatives from right here in our own backyard. Supporting the creators we have on board is one of our main goals, as well as wanting to provide quality service.
  • Authenticity
    Working closely with a variety of artists and themes, we want to remain locally based and provide a workspace for creatives from all over to use.
  • Quality
    Ethical sourcing and quality control are our passion. We have a rigorous development process that ensures no one is taken advantage of, and a high level of quality is achieved.
  • Community
    Creating COLAB was a way for us to bring the community together, and give artists a chance to be a part of something fun, new and exciting. We aim to continue to grow our community of trusted artists, to help benefit everyone.